Holbox’s Historical Grill

Every Saturday Holbox is delighted with their traditional surf and turf grill, considered the first touristic attraction of Holbox Island it narrate us the history of the transition of a fishermen community to a vacational center through the authentic flavors of the region.

The crucible of experiences brightens under the shades of exalted sunsets by the unsurpassable ambiance that presents us with long white coated tables, illuminated by candle lights preparing the diners to experience an exquisite banquet for the senses.

The live music and the relaxing sensation of digging the feet in the sand, reminds us the unique essence of the Mexican Caribbean.

The delicious scent of the that spreads to all the area animating the diners to contemplate the enormous grill while one of the cooks turns the lobster tails so they get to that perfect point of cooking, the other cook removes the shrimp brochettes and spreads the barbecue sauce over the juicy ribs that are cooking next to the chicken pieces marinated to perfection.

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