Responsibilities of a tourist

As in any sector of society, we are forced to behave ourselves under certain rules according to the situation and going on a trip is no exception, it is also important to take account of our rights and of course make them worth.
Every service provider must always have all the health and safety regulations of his enviroment, committed to the quality and satisfaction of his client, that in return must have knowledge about the policies of the company that he is hiring to provide the service.
Another important situation are the traditions and local festivities of the place you are visiting, whether they are national holidays, electoral season, etc. Knowing this, is very useful when you are visiting for the first time, this will allow you to know the traditions of the region and understand the reasons for these celebrations, making your stay in the destination an experience.

Consider, as a precautionary measure, to have a map of the tourist attractions and take into account the schedules in which these places are available. In case you need a service or product, keep in mind that you are no longer in your city, and perhaps in your country, therefore, try to acquire everything you need for your stay in time and not find these unavailable.
Part of being a responsible tourist when taking charge of your route, avoid getting lost and making your trip more complex, if this happen to you or if you lose your documents, remember that there are always corresponding authorities you can ask for help, it is prudent to have the phone numbers of these in advance.
Just as the tourists have certain obligations, also when contracting a hotel service, they have the right to ask for a quality service in accordance with the place or the service contracted, the stars in a hotel represents the quality of its facilities, meanwhile, the diamonds are awarded for the quality of their service.

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